Software for the unit of technical support (UTS)

Copyright 'Severodonetsk Research and Production Association "Impulse"'

       These jobs were executed by a team of our developers within a project of 'Severodonetsk Research and Production Association "Impulse"' on development of a complex "AKNP-I".


Dmitriy Yeremeyev

Alexandr Gavrilov

The UTS unit

The unit of technical support (UTS) provide an interface between the operator and AKNP-I unit.

    The UTS application provide:
  • Representation of AKNP-I parameters in the form convenient for perception by the operator;

    The dialog window of the UTS application

  • Continuous diagnostics of equipment and representation of the received information to the operator;
  • Performing a trouble-shooting tests;

    The dialog window of the UTS application

  • Configuring an AKNP-I unit.

    The dialog window of the UTS application

The UTS application work on controller "Digital Logic MSM 586 SEV" in the DOS environment.

Used technologies: C++, Assembler-i386, GUI, DPMI16, data exchange by RS-232, Ethernet.

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