Neutron flux control equipment (product's name AKNP-I)

Copyright 'Severodonetsk Research and Production Association "Impulse"'

The AKNP-I unit

AKNP-I designed for work in the systems of power control and emergency protection of reactor "VVER-1000".

    This equipment provide:
  • Decrease of risk of emergency situation;
  • Increase of reliability of action of protection in emergencies;
  • Reduction of an idle time of the block in scheduled repairs and reduction of number of emergency stops.
    AKNP-I provide functions:
  • Calculation and control of main reactor parameters such as power, period and reactivity;
  • Formation of discrete signals for the systems of power control and emergency protection of reactor (SCPR) and for automatic control system of technological process (ACSTP);
  • Formation of analog signals that proportional power and back proportional to the period for the SCPR and ACSTP systems;
  • Representation of the information about meanings of power, period, reactivity and discrete signals to the operators of main control panel in an optical and acoustic kind;
  • Continuous registration of the current meanings of power and period;
  • Continuous diagnostics of equipment and representation of the received information to the operators of main control panel.
    AKNP-I consists of three complete sets of means:
  • Two complete sets for SCPR and main control panel (product's name AKNP-APZ);
  • One complete set for reserve control panel (product's name AKNP-RShU).
The AKNP-I complete set

       Each complete set provides the control of a neutron flux in all range of change of density of a neutron flux in an active reactor zone with three independent channels of measurement of a level of density (reactor power) and calculation of speed of change of a neutron flux (reactor period).

The AKNP-I diagram The AKNP-I complex

       The complex AKNP-I can be in addition completed with a archiving server (SA-AKNP) which is capable to store parameters produced during one year.

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